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Dearly beloved member,

As you probably know, we do whatever it takes to keep this community and our store system up and running and to bring you unique videos, products and new projects to look forward to.

A lot of those things cost us quite some money but we don't complain. We really like to make you happy and to provide you those things for nothing, or very little in case of our products. We don't care about breaking even or even losing money on what we do because the love and support you give us makes us feel like the richest people in the world.

That said, we have now reached a time in which, although we always try to do everything in the cheapest ways possible, the costs we make are so high that we wouldn't mind some helping hands, and so we have decided to add a donation button to the bottom of the homepage.

Now, please realize it is by no means a must to donate. We appreciate it a lot but if you don't feel like it or can't afford it, please don't.

If you would like to donate, we do however suggest you donate $2 or more because when donating anything less than that, the payment service fees take up a very big percentage. Also, in case you do not own all of our products yet, you may as well want to get those instead of donating anything so that you would actually get something back for your money immediately as well.

Those who have donated $2 or more will get a green username and will be placed in the Donor Rankings out of appreciation. You will receive 10 point per dollar.

Thanks a whole lot for your support! We promise you that every single cent that has been donated will end up in something you will be able to see or get.

-Magicians: The Gathering - DarkSleightZ - It's eS productions
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