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Move monkey atm
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User channel on YouTube
Default Akira Fujii

well, he's quite good, but i find that video up there the best one, he doesn't put up anymore videos, but at least you can take a look at his stuffs and be inspired( srly... that pass is CRAZY)
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David Nguyen
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User channel on YouTube

Akira Fujii is very good, I've watched his materials for a while. Then I found out he was a professional who performed on television. Also you're right, that pass IS fast! His passes are one of my favorites. Very good post.
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-Joseph Lau
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I was going to start a thread about this, but this one seems as good a place as any, so...
Does anyone know where I can can get Akira's DVD Encyclopedia of Card Magic (or Card Magic Encyclopedia, I'm not quite sure). I positively love his material, but I haven't been able to find it anywhere. If you know where to find it, or if it's been discontinued, or anything like that, it would really be appreciated.
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