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Warning thegreenriderback claiming effects as his own

Hey everyone, Mismag822 recently contacted me about an effect that thegreenriderback did he called Hallucination. many people said it was not original so Jay seen my video of the Visitor by Larry Jennings and asked me if he thinks he seen my video, figured out how it was done and then made a video himself saying it was an original effect by him. I went on to comment on his video and I said nothing but, The visitor, Larry Jennings would be dissapointed, Thats it. He went on to delete my comment. I then Kindly PM him asking he to kindly give credit where needed Because I don't believe in not giving credit to the original founders. He went on to delete my Sent Message( it's not longer in my sent Inbox) and then he unsubscribed to me. Mismag was right, he saw my video and then recreated the trick for himself and renamed it. Just be aware of this guy in the future for he may very well try to take any tricks as his own and they could be your trick.
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kids will be kids i guess. I just find it funny. You handled it well, congrats
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Thanks for the tip!

I agree , Kids will be Kids!

But its still quite annoying
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