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K. Gábor
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Warning Valdemar, Dan & Dave Exposed

Dan and Dave recently released a new change by Valdemar Gestur which they named the Flow change.

They claim this in the description: "Visually change a playing card into something else of value, like a spectators selection. Flow Change is Valdemar Gestur's unique version of a classic color change in card magic. The difference? This method ends completely clean. The best part, it's extremely easy to do!".

However, more than 2 months before the release, a UM video was uploaded where a similar change can be found (at 0:34):

Me and some other users commented about the origin of the change:

A few hours later these comments were removed (yes, that is what it says in Hungarian):

One other commenter claimed that it was not original but also that they didn't claim it to be, while the description clearly says it ("Valdemar Gestur's unique version").

Also, they claim that the method ends completely clean, but the method we see in the trailer doesn't really end clean.

Just another time that Dan and Dave try to sell products with false advertising.
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My reaction when I see something from Dan and Dave in 2008: "I wish I could be like them one day". My reaction nowadays: "I wish I would NEVER be like them". Enough said.
P.S. I'm glad to be back, guys.
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Old 07-26-2012, 06:30 AM   #3
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Welcome back friend!!!!
-This the bottom of my thread.
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