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Warning Casey Rudd (WhiteTigerMagician) exposed

This is a moderator working for theory11. theory11 said that he became part of them because he was being professional and knowledgeable but i don't see it.

Originally Posted by WhiteTigerMagician
This is so false. A spectator can't name any card before it is produced. Please show what it would really look like next time. stop false advertising.
Originally Posted by kittydakat1
Mark has shown this to me multiple times; even when it was still in it's drafting state. It's just as you see in the video- any card is named and that card is produced. Before making blind assumptions, do your research. Btw, I'm sure you approve of false advertising- Theory11 is one of many companies that do it.
Originally Posted by Mark
If by 'this' you mean your comment, then yes, it is so false. The spectator CAN name ANY card. No false advertising. Jeez, we are one of the most honest magic companies, so why would we ruin our reputation with this. Just buy it already.
Originally Posted by FIn365
Woah there mr WhiteTigerMagician.. What are you basing this on? "This is so false". Why? You have no idea? Excellent.. It's called magic, and that means the illusion worked. Doesn't mean it's fake or false. First time I saw the erdnase change I thought it was a trick deck. Lucky I didn't act like you and make myself look a total fool. Oops! Not sure who you are but if you really do work for Theory 11 I'm wondering if you're making good coffee. I just hope you're not involved in magic!
Originally Posted by WhiteTigerMagician
So if I named the 2 of clubs you could immediately produce it without fumbling through the deck whatsoever?
Originally Posted by TricksterAP
Yes, and I can act as a testimonial to that. Mark has shown me this long before he released this and performed for me several times in a row. Just because YOU can't do it or don't know how to do it, doesn't mean others can't. When you blurt out things you can't truly back up, you seem that much more of a fool, especially when the video tutorial is immediately available in the video description.
I replied to Mark
one of the? darksleightz is THE most honest! look at all the information you guys give at the products you sell. but he wouldnt understand, he works for theory11
Mark showed me Casey replied with
Originally Posted by WhiteTigerMagician
y opinions don't reflect the views of t11. Don't associate my opinions with theory11 please. That's just a cheap shot.
Who made the cheap shot here??
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Old 03-28-2012, 01:12 PM   #2
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User channel on YouTube

I figured his latest reply didn't add anything to the discussion and he didn't quite deserve that one to be approved for the reason he kept trying saving his own skin rather than apologizing for anything he said.

And I totally agree that the only cheap shots were made by him. It's him alone who started this drama for absolutely no reason. You were a little mean though.. towards Theory11.
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Old 03-31-2012, 01:01 AM   #3
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Disgusting. Like Mark said, the drama was started by Casey, and Casey alone. Research should be done before you accuse someone of such things. He should also be the last person who that talks about false advertising, since he's working for the most dishonest company in the magic community. Hope this is a lesson learned for Casey.
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casey rudd, whitetigermagician

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