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Important Store system v3!

For us, this month is the month of designing and redesigning our websites with as a nice start: a new It's eStored system for all of our customers! Coded by Mark from scratch. Three time's the charm!

It has been up and running in test mode for the past two weeks but right now it is exactly what it's supposed to be.. with much better usability, better looks, a lot more functionality, and faster than ever!

You can visit it through any of the old links and through the Store by clicking 'Your Purchases' (formerly 'Download').

The new system keeps track of all of your purchases, including physical one and even all the limited DarkSleightZ items. There is no more download count, no more confusing File 1 | File 2 text links, and you can even set your very own password. Hurray!

On top of that, you can now link your It's eStored account to your Magicians: The Gathering account which means there is no more need to login twice or to remember two logins! Go to, scroll down, fill in your It's eStored login information and the button in the Store will now get you straight into your It's eStored account.. or you can of course click the 'Purchases' link that has magically appeared in your main menu.

We hope you like it! We will fine-tune some bits over time but this is what it is and will be, hopefully for a very long time.
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