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Old 11-14-2010, 06:33 PM   #1
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Default Cardicians vs Cardists

A lot of people don't seem to know the current differences between so called cardicians and cardists, including but not limited to many of those artists themselves. This thread should clear it all up. It's kind of obvious too.

Cardicians are card magicians, which is exactly what the name comes from. They perform magic as if it is actual magic, and so they create miracles. Flourishes may be used to make it all flow or to give it a more professional look but they aren't a must at all and they don't go over the top because they may not give the impression that the artist has super fast fingers.

Cardists on the other hand, perform flourishes and show off dexterity. They may as well perform magic tricks and sleights, but they won't perform it as magic. Instead, it's all sleight of hand and they usually say so too. This means that there isn't any magic in what they do, as it can all be explained with fast fingers.

In other words: cardicians perform magic, cardists perform sleight of hand.

Of course you can perform both yet obviously seperating the different styles from each other too. The most common situations in which cardicians tend to turn into cardists is when they demonstrate gambling sleights.

So what are you and what do you think of both?
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Oh hey Mark!
Nice topic to bring up!
I tend to be both, but I think it's important to keep the two separate. If you put them together, they almost counter each other if you put them together poorly. Like you said, flourishes can be used; however, only to a minimal extent.

That's just my take
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Old 11-15-2010, 02:20 AM   #3
David Nguyen
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Cardicians and Cardists are two different types of artists; the only thing in common they have are cards. Cardists' main intent is to show off with their fingers and Extreme Card Manipulations. Cardicians perform Sleight of Hand; some cardicians prefer to add some flourishes, but not many into their daily routine (Ex: Card Spinning).

In my opinion, Cardicians are performing a type of mysterious art, which is just fine. Cardists' work may as well be an art, but it is also a sport.
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Old 11-15-2010, 08:52 AM   #4
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I would compare cardistry to music at anytime. It's disrespectful to pirate and to share people's originals without having permission, but doing this could only be bad for the amount of money that is made with it because the actual art remains. Classics may actually be shared for free, without permission. Also, you may cover works as long as you give credits (in case of music that would be under fair use).

Unlike flourishing and any other kind of art, magic would be ruined the moment its methods would be exposed to the public.

In case of for instance Penn & Teller, the magic exposure actually turns the art of magic into entertainment with comedy instead: no secrets, yet hard to repeat yourself without a bit of practice. In that case it's similar to dancing, juggling, acting, painting, and indeed.. also to cardistry.

Anyhow, I'm obviously a magician (and a cardician). I enjoy watching cardistry though, but I think that 95% of all magic-performing cardists completely overdo the cardistry in the magic tricks they perform. Using magic in the art of cardistry is just to make actual skills look better, but there is a moment that when you do too much flourishing, that things won't look quite as good anymore or would be extremely difficult for the audience to follow which makes the magical part completely worthless. In that case I would suggest to just not merge any magic with the flourishing at all and to keep both arts completely seperated from each other.
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Old 11-15-2010, 04:28 PM   #5
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Default Ooh eeerrr...


Thing is, i enjoy watching any type of magic, stage magic, coin magic, rubber band magic, and of course cards. I mainly perform card magic, and i am a card flourisher too. So im not sure what category i would fit into, i would prefer to say 'it's magic' to my spectators, but i love to flourish....


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Old 01-23-2011, 01:54 AM   #6
Move monkey atm
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I think I'm mostly a "Cardician", I like to keep what i do to myself most of the time, but i think flourishing is a nice way to pass time when you're waiting, cause practicing magic outside the comfort of your home is suicidal and no sense in trying to perfect the ones that you have already perfected( of course, if you still need to improve it, it would be practicing and like i said, doing that outside of your home/room is exposure of the art). So i guess i'm both, but not that good at both yet.
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Thanks for your sharing, bro. Great.
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cardician, cardicians, cardist, cardistry, cardists, extreme card manipulation, flourishes, magic, magicians, xcm

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